7 sept. 2008

Welcome everyone to my blog

This is my first message to this blog. This will be a test for me because I don´t think very much in this. I believe a waste of time to make a blog but I think too that this is the best way to show other people my ideas and dreams for the future. This blog won´t be renewed periodically. I will just post when I want to tell you something interesting. And what is interesting for me ? For me the most important thing is enjoy this travel (the tittle of this blog) because we just have one ticket so this is for me our objective , be happy with this chance. And what would make me be happy ?
  • Help the people to make his travel more easy . That´s why I´m a research engineer. I want to use all my potential to get new steps to the hard road of the science. For me would be enough if one person can life better for one of my ideas.
  • Understand better the world we life. That´s why I don´t want to stop learn about the life, actually I´m finishing my Phd in Biomedical Sciences. I think that the first great unknowledge is the human being.
  • The technology. I´m a geek. I´m electronic engineer & I love technology. For me the technology is the best tool to be close to the happyness. I thinf that we are living an explosion of new technologies and we must integrate these technologies in our world. This is for me the keypoint. During the blog you will read concepts like (Ambient Intelligence, Ontology, Pervasive Computing, Affective Computing)
  • And the music, of course. For me the music is the oxygen of my soul. It lets me fly & dream. It gives me relax & excitation. I play drum with my friends and I confess that I´m a lover of Black music (Rnb, Funk, Jazz, AcidJazz, Soul..). So this blog will be a music blog, sure.
So this is what I wanted to say. I don´t know when I will come back to post a message but today was a good day to begin this blog. Kisses for all and specially for you

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